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【 XiaoDuBao 】 紫外- C ultraviolet XiaoDuBao practical

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-04
Since the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the public deeply realize the importance of routine sterilization, producers have also to look to the disinfection cabinet, XiaoDuBao disinfection supplies, etc. Especially the UV - very hot recently C ultraviolet XiaoDuBao, with its excellent sterilization ability and the characteristics of simple operation by the people, so, UV - C ultraviolet XiaoDuBao practical? Answers Jin Jieqiang manufacturer for you. With APOLLO DREAM, UV - Jin Jieqiang development model Ultraviolet XiaoDuBao C as an example, the practicability of this XiaoDuBao is very high. From a technical perspective, the XiaoDuBao USES is derived from the UV - aerospace science and technology C LED disinfection technology, pure physical disinfection mode, safe, strong ability to disinfection, sterilization rate reached 99. 9%. Operation is very easy to get started, just three minutes to complete the whole disinfection, and does not produce any side effects. Compared with the traditional way of sterilization, UV - C LED disinfection technology of green environmental protection, safe, fast disinfection and a series of advantages, make the UV - C ultraviolet XiaoDuBao become favored by mass of disinfection artifact. From the Angle of items using the XiaoDuBao vendible item is very rich, such as toys, books, CARDS, clothes, jewelry, water cup, key chain, mouse, mobile phone & hellip; … And so on all items to the sun can be put in disinfection, three minutes can quickly kill escherichia coli and candida albicans, staphylococcus aureus and other bacterial pathogens, sterilization rate is as high as 99. 9% sterilizing effect is very good. When have such a simple fashion to uv XiaoDuBao, you will find that it USES very much. For the girls, it is a sterile cosmetic make up bag. When you want to change a beautiful makeup look, can put beauty makeup tools in the bag first to kill poison, make the follow-up on makeup better protect facial ministry skin, use after also can treat as receive package to place all kinds of cosmetics; For families with babies, daily baby toys often contact or your baby is likely to be the entrance to the milk bottle, nipple with a large number of bacteria, then obviously XiaoDuBao assists, to care for the baby grow; Or women's intimate clothing, baby clothes, can put in the bag disinfection sterilization, make clothing and close skin health. More importantly, the UV - C XiaoDuBao portability is very good, whether home or travel commuter or outdoor activities, as long as take mobile power supply, not restricted by factors such as time, location, weather, along with it, and the XiaoDuBao volume is small, easy to receive not occupy a space; All is guaranteed, as long as open XiaoDuBao, it will automatically cut off power supply, protect the user from harm. A collection of function and appearance level APOLLO DREAM UV - Ultraviolet XiaoDuBao C, not only practical and beautiful, but also promote household happiness should well, you're worth it!
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