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Work with small package knowledge workers should understand

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-30
The fast pace of life in big cities, and work with in the life, therefore, the habit of a lot of office worker with a make up bag, so that equipment work at any time, private small items, etc. That has implications for the workplace with package collocation of some common problems, if the workplace with bags collocation is improper, will have a great influence on personal appearance. Today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer will give you a brief introduction about the workplace with package small common sense, to understand understand together. 1, with bales not disorderly before going out, carry things should be as far as possible in a set of bag, item to methodically neat, try not to put personal items in the briefcase. Useless thing in the world don't in your bag, especially don't make it & other; Excessive expansion & throughout; 。 2, with bags don't shake the interview or to meet the customer, mention pick business package should pay attention to don't let your bag before and after the body shaking, carry business handbags to let the body keep the nature, do not hand tightly holding, lest give a person the feeling of tension. 3, with bags should not be more errands out of the way, can sometimes without package. If you want to take, should with one only. 4, with former not make public use package, be sure to take down all the attached logo. Used in front of strangers, do not show their rare high-grade package, don't give a person with Zhang Yangzhi feeling, fall not impression. 5, with bags after indoor place into the others, namely the commercial package shall be consciously put oneself be seated on the floor near the place of, or the designated place, and do not put the chaos in tables and chairs. Should also pay attention to in public places, don't let the package more hindrance to others. Workplace used package has exquisite, if for knowledge don't understand, can seek advice to Jin Jieqiang manufacturer, we will do everything that can answer for you. More bags consultation, all in Jin Jieqiang.
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