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With what method can let makeup bag to receive more organized

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-01
I believe each of you beautiful people have a belongs to own cosmetic bag, charmingly dressed themselves every day. But too much stuff, make-up bag bad mess, and travel do you need a lot of things, with what method can let makeup bag to receive more organized? According to this problem, small make up to you to sort out the art shine at 3 o 'clock, we can learn together. Method one: small cosmetic bag with a soft surface or receive bag bag bag, classified placed receive better looking for talent is cosmetic bag can be puttinged in perfect orderly good-looking, also cannot leave a few good and nice bag in the bag. Of people usually love to choose the type of 'thin, soft, light, basic overhand can easily reach the bottom of the bag, so to have played an important role to receive and do not take a place, also avoided because package too deep to reach the following things. The soft cloth palm-sized coin purse is very good for lipstick; 25 cm in the draw string receive bag for a small sample and small ml to protect skin to taste is very good; Pen bag is packed with small brush, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, such as package bag, recommend the kind of bundled pen bag, Japan, Taiwan or general leather soft pen bag, soft cloth, don't too big or too hard. A set of unified and harmonious colour style looks more clean and beautiful. Method 2: according to the different function classification packaging such as you can, and discharge makeup, clean face chamfer, shampoo, bath, etc. This kind of cleaning supplies a pack; Toner, essence and creams to protect skin to taste a pack; First aid classes lip balm, sunburnt repair, acne removing essence, anti-allergic frost, a pack of; A pack or lipstick lipstick and eyeliner this strip colour makeup product such as a pack of; Threading knife, eyelash tweezers, beauty makeup tools such as brush with a pack; If you have a fear of pressure and very small false eyelashes, manicure stick, contact lenses, etc. , to prepare a small square box dedicated to receive. Method 3: if both are afraid of pressure and to receive, please in order to protect the goods for important principles to ensure beauty makeup is tasted not damaged, of course, is the first, so if you are the beauty cosmetics and afraid of broken powdery cake or pressure of pump discharge makeup oil, etc. , so might as well separately for them to prepare a suitable to the size of the plastic box, or with its original packaging, if you don't want to use packing bottle packing. Cosmetic bag, on the whole, receive method is not only the above three, can also according to the items, choose a more suitable cosmetic bag, also would be better to receive. If you have other questions, also welcome to interact with small make up communication.
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