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With figure without the pattern can be customized bags

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-05
With figure without the pattern can be customized bags? This problem is mainly aimed at those who have blueprints or it is only a reference image customers, this part of the customers most people for specific information on bags custom is not particularly understand, so will worry alone could be exclusive bags custom images, to solve these problems, to listen to how Jin Jieqiang said. Have design or reference photos, are generally not exclusive bags can be customized, but the specific situation and concrete analysis: 1, the make up bag custom design before production must have the corresponding design drawing, playing version of the master can be carried out in accordance with the design proofing, some of which are involved in the professional design knowledge of suitcases and bags, only the correct bags design can make the right pattern, so, this make up bag design is not to say any, can be used to play version, design drawings provided by customers must be professional, and if the customer is only a rough idea, can look for a professional manufacturer of suitcases and bags, ask them to design to make exclusive bags according to his needs. With reference figure 2, there are a number of customers in some places to see like bags, take a photo, and then want to manufacturer to customize according to reference picture exclusive bags, but with only one image is not able to produce customized, because bags inside the structure, material and accessories details can't depend on a picture to determine, customers want to proofing, manufacturers are generally reference according to the pictures with their experience to make a sample to the customer first, let the customer see if satisfied, if not satisfied, on the basis of the model combined with customers to modify or to proofing. Whether have the design or reference picture, it is can be bags custom, but the specific details, will be custom side communicate with factory carefully. If you still have what not understand, welcome to online consultation Jin Jieqiang manufacturer, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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