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Wind 'light wave travelling bag, let you all show fashion low-key

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-10
Wind has become and Japanese, Europe and the United States, South Korea tied for the label is the wind, the wind is more the beauty of the Oriental Chinese style. 'Light wave series' is the port of the popular trend of bag wind, give a person passed concise and travel, but do not break vogue visual effect, let us think low-key all difficult! Wind light wave, in fact is a kind of very unreasonable 'tide' is tide character and general trend is defined relative to the luxury goods, such as the Paris fashion show, held every year are very many big brand appearance, what they show fashion products, also determines the popular trend of current and future a period of time. And light wave, are often not big, guided by the trend is based on the combination of fashion and tide product, add a delicate, fashion trend with the willfulness, for women, create light wave style is confident, fashionable, spontaneously and new female style; For men, is to create the sun light wave style, personality, love sports fashion new men's charm. Most domestic travel wallet design is very low, for summer wear clothes is hard to match and wind 'light wave' style, just to meet you, cool toward, all show fashionable low-key wind 'light wave' style bag, waterproof nylon, tie-in waterproof TPU zipper, recreational cool wind, all show fashionable low-key. 'Light wave' has exclusive nouns belong to art shine, from design to material and craft, strives for perfection, P home design wind light wave series started in 2019, will build domestic street snap bag look stylish. Today, we say that Hong Kong wind 'tide', is actually a get attitude, dare to break the traditional, dare to try, dare to innovate more trends, failure is not terrible, and they were afraid to have no the courage to innovation.
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