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Wild grass | folding, can disinfect UVC ultraviolet XiaoDuBao works also don't cover

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-16
In 2020, the new crown pneumonia outbreak of mad, let the public deeply realize the importance of sterilization, although now the disease got some control, but neither curtilage home, or go to work on a business trip, sterilization work or can't slack off! In addition to wearing a mask can prevent bacteria invade the respiratory tract, everyday go out clothes also can be stained with germs, it should do more protective disinfection work everyday! Grass Jin Jieqiang manufacturer for you here a & ndash; — Sterilization whiz! Folding, can disinfect, usable also don't cover five surface uv sterilization folding portable' target='_blank'>make up bag, hurry to get to know about it. New Jin Jieqiang r&d & ndash; — Ultraviolet sterilization five surface folding portable make up bag, is a pneumonia outbreak in view of the new champions league development based on UVC LED ultraviolet sterilization technology of functional XiaoDuBao folding can be convenient to carry. Built-in nine UVC LED uv light ball, 360 & deg; UVC ultraviolet light, formed a full range of & other UVC sterilization array & throughout; , can quickly kill escherichia coli and candida albicans, the common pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, three minutes sterilization rate is as high as 99. 9%, UVC ultraviolet disinfection technology LED to new crown also played a certain role of inactivated virus pneumonia and epidemic prevention protection during special, equipped with this XiaoDuBao can effectively prevent bacteria infection. And, more importantly, the ultraviolet sterilization five surface folding portable bag, not only the sterilization effect of leverage, receive convenience also want to be better than some other XiaoDuBao products for too much. First of all, convenient to carry on business travel, folded after receive only about a quarter of the size, volume before folding into the suitcase. Second after the home use folding storage also do not take up larger space that occupy the home. Third, due to the small volume, reduce the transportation cost, especially foreign transportation, so you can make more users to use this product. So useful a life treasure bag, used as a gift & other Drop & throughout; , atmosphere and practical times have noodles son! ! I wonder if you move? If like, quickly find Jin Jieqiang customer service for more details, whether custom or to the spot, we can satisfy your demand, Jin Jieqiang hotline 4000061690 free at any time waiting for your call. ! !
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