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Why backpack custom manufacturer have a minimum quantity

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-26
Looking for backpack custom manufacturer, many customers will meet manufacturer to customize the number of questions asked, and if the custom number reach factory minimum quantity, the manufacturer will choose not to order, to this, many customers do not understand, why backpack custom manufacturers have minimum quantity regulation? Let's listen to Jin Jieqiang backpack manufacturer for this problem is how to solve it. In reality a lot of people don't understand the backpack production process, even thought the backpack production custom and working process is the same as the tailor shop, want a few make up bag a can make to place an order. Backpack production process is not so simple, a backpack often require dozens or even hundreds of process can be made to the tao. If custom quantity is very little, unable to realize the flow line production, the factory also can be difficult to cooperate. If understanding backpack order process and purchasing process, you'll see why backpack custom have a minimum quantity. Custom backpack of the first process is the procurement of raw materials, such as fabric, in material, pull head, zipper, metal parts, etc. , and then open abrasive, after purchasing raw material, cutting material immediately, and then arrange the customer's brand printed, and then do suture process. If custom only less number of backpack, for factory is a big trouble, not only required to purchase raw materials, and some processes are difficult to find the downstream factories to cooperate to complete. So, if it is a custom number short of a complete production line, factory for save trouble, will choose not to receive. Custom backpack, please look for the Jin Jieqiang backpack! Quality of the goods time all rest assured, as guangdong backpack custom industry benchmarking enterprise, Jin Jieqiang backpack by several well-known enterprises have to customize the shoulder of a good quality laptop make up bag, and Jin Jieqiang knapsack focus on customization for 15 years, has a strong designer team, and with the well-known domestic enterprises have many years of cooperation, with baidu, HOME LINK, huawei, TCL, sinopec, and so on. So, choose the shoulders made laptop bag manufacturer, Jin Jieqiang backpack is worth considering, choice of manufacturers.
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