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Where to go to the wholesale ms lovely bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-20
In the bag industry, have 'the golden nine silver ten', especially the present this time, ms search lovely bags customers increased dramatically, many merchants will be according to the situation, looking for a manufacturer to mass wholesale stock up in advance, so generally where ms this lovely bag wholesale? By Jin Jieqiang travel supplies company below small make up to you to explain in detail: the lovely rabbit ears cosmetic bag, also called lazy cosmetic bag, is Jin Jieqiang brand at this year's new art shine, velvet material selection, design, there are two rabbit ears, very convenient to receive cosmetic products, hand pull, said go go, is very convenient. This lovely printing toiletry bags, also can treat as cosmetic bag, there are three kinds of color: protea, primrose, purple flowers, all is according to the woman like the color, specially customized research and development of design and color, Jin Jieqiang is designed with independent copyright. This is printing waterproof bag in the bag, in simple words, is a package set another one bag, bag color is also very fashion, use yellow Daisy, Daisy says a lot, I love you very much, is the most representative do you know? These three lovely bags are Jin Jieqiang tourism supplies company, since it is the production of factory, so bags wholesale was able to, not only have these three bags, there are more other types of bags, also support OEM/ODM, wholesale or custom handbags needs of customers, welcome to contact Jin Jieqiang manufacturers.
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