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Where is the bag factory in guangzhou? Looking for manufacturer to choose here

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-08
About bag production factory, we first impression, they think of guangzhou side, after all, here is one of the largest bag market in China, since it is bag market, so nature is little not production handbags factory here, the position where are these factories? By the arts fine below small make up to tell you, so looking for a manufacturer, also can choose here. Above: guangzhou luggage bag production market, beginning in the 1980 s, on the coast of guangdong foshan, zhuhai, dongguan, zhongshan, huizhou, guangzhou and other places to set up the 500 - More than thousand 1000 people scale of foreign capital, the opening of these factories, created good jobs for the urban and rural youth, can be seen from the historical reasons, the bags wholesale market in guangzhou, there are other cities factory, together, in guangzhou to the formation of a large bags wholesale market. Then find a bag factory in guangzhou, should not only find in guangzhou, more can go to the surrounding city, after all, now network is developed, the logistics is more convenient, as long as I look for you the strength of the manufacturer and production and the quality of the bag, so now, all over the country looking for manufacturers of the bag is ok. Above: handbags production workshop today want to say is a city near guangzhou bag manufacturers, is located in foshan has a reputation in the manufacturing industry, manufacture of foshan, whether consumers, or the customer, will there is a feeling of approval, this factory is a local foshan factory, up to now, the manufacturer brand is seven years old, is a focus on bags custom processing, bags source manufacturer, is the support of OEM brand, and in Tmall, jingdong, amazon and other multiple platforms can see its brand, cooperation more well-known enterprises, such as the China citic bank, bank of China, tencent, WanDing, la chapelle, etc. Above all, to go to guangzhou looking for bag production factory, also can actually come to foshan, foshan Jin Jieqiang brand art sunny, as the source of a bag production factory, ready to welcome you to visit our factory and we produce bags quality is guaranteed.
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