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What types of outdoor backpack

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-20
Now he who loves the outdoors is more and more, such as camping, climbing, hiking, through stimulating outdoor activities is also more and more popular, and want to participate in outdoor activities, the necessary equipment is necessary, to carry the backpack, choose a good performance is often the first step in the outdoor activities, ready to go. Next, Jin Jieqiang small make up will introduce to you about what types of outdoor backpack, know to understand together. The outdoor backpack on the market has a lot of, according to the size of the points, br make up bag ( 45 - Above) And the package ( 35 - 45升) , packet ( Below 30 l) , but according to backpack function points, has the following several types: 1, the ultimate adventure pack the bags are used for limiting mountaineering expedition and to travel long distances, backpack with support intensity is high, bearing strong, external point is very rich, process is more complex, especially pay attention to functional, is the first selection of high strength and strong professional outdoor sports. 2, hiking backpack is mainly used to walking long distances, or long time travel, with strong support, package design is concise and lightsome, internal words tend to be classified depositing, reprinted for camping and through activities in general. 3, mountain climbing backpack designed for professional or amateur rock climbing, ice climbing. In order not to affect climbing, usually adopt soft back design, fabric tensile wear resistance is very strong, there are fixed crampons and mountaineering equipment, external rich, easy to compose hanging equipment, some design is also a patch of finishing equipment. 4, cycling knapsack into cycling sport design, cycling speed is faster, so cycling knapsack should pay attention to balance, light, this kind of make up bag design is generally delicate small, bright colours, functional, bag body basic require with reflective device, the bag can hold water bottles, helmets and a series of cycling items. 5, outdoor leisure backpack daily outdoor leisure bags, leisure, looks level is also very important, the best and everyday outfit photograph echo, the function requirement is not high, can hold your belongings basic line, suburbs of holiday shopping, mountain climbing over the weekend, back a design classic make up bag, carry some commonly used objects, also can yet be regarded as a kind of comfortable enjoy. Outdoor backpack function is more important, if you feel to choose the outdoor backpack is not good, that is better than trying to personalization outdoor backpack, according to their specific exclusive custom outdoor activities, made more practical and uniqueness. Outdoor backpack custom, look for the Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer! Jin Jieqiang establishment has been 14 years, not only has a certain scale plant and version of the room, the production equipment is perfect, at the same time also has a research and development of professional designers and makers of exquisite technology, outdoor backpack quality guaranteed, trustworthy!
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