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What's the number for handbag factory in shenzhen

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-28
Q: what is handbag factory in shenzhen phone? A: shenzhen Jin Jieqiang travel goods co. , LTD. , is free hotline 4000061690, official website is WWW. azy288。 Com, want to learn more about bags custom related issues, welcome to dial the free hotline or log in the official website for details, ksmart will serve you wholeheartedly. Jin Jieqiang focus bags custom 15 years, is a make up bag product design research and development as the core, set equipment production, processing and sales in the integration of equipment industry and trade enterprises. Companies marketing headquarters located in shenzhen, responsible for domestic and foreign market sales and marketing business, directly under the guangzhou Jin Jieqiang products co. , LTD. Is responsible for product development and manufacturing, affiliated factory dongguan famous brand travel supplies co. , LTD. , mainly to export production. Plant a total area of about 3600 square meters, staff 120 people, the use of advanced computer assembly line production, high degree of modern equipment, annual output of 600000 computer make up bag and the make up bag, fashionable, quality is good, deeply domestic and foreign customers trust. Bags custom, Jin Jieqiang worthy of choice, trustworthy.
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