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What method can determine folding bag price is not reasonable

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-08-31
Folding bag mainly refers to the capacity is bigger than the current, and also comes with a few small parts. Currently on the market of the common materials such as ABS, PP, thermoplastic composite materials, this leads to different price, when we in the choose and buy when, can be based on some ways to determine the price is so expensive. Travel bag price judgment method: 1, according to the qualitative judgment, there are many kinds of luggage fabrics, such as cloth, PU, genuine leather, nylon, wool, etc. , the fabrics of different material, from the material cost price, have very big difference, can't use a kind of material the price of the fabric, to measure the price of all products, it is biased. 2, design style could easily by people, people of different ages have their own preferred style, general brand bags production company has the specialized design team, can always to cater to the contemporary popular styles, which is one of the bags your sense, research and development of new style bag is need to research and development costs, so some fashion bag, the price is reasonable, the bag is no exception. 3, in many of the sewing industry, manufacturing process, may bag sewing is one of the demanding, both equipment and staff skills, the requirement of the bag is full of critical for these, because the fabric bag sewing material relative to other more thick, too hard a lot, and stitched also has a certain shape and stereo feeling. Bag so a skilled sewing workers to practice half a year or longer, is in the production of handbags, artificial prices in ascension, then naturally expensive. As the saying goes: a price points a points goods, the good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good, so choose folding bag, some methods presented above, it can help you determine the price of this product's reasonable or not, always can't say with 30 yuan to buy the cost price for the products of 60 yuan!
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