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What men outdoor travel choice travel bag is better

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-24
Early days, Hong Kong film occupies the mainstream of the domestic film, especially some of the 'crime', we have special envy in the movie plot, wearing a trench coat, take a sunglasses, make a black bag in his hand, was particularly masculine. Many European and American countries men to travel, also basic rarely pull a suitcase, generally are also carry a bag, take a sunglasses, say come away trip began, give a person feel free and easy, very reveal a handsome man, so in men's outdoor travel choices what bag is good? By art fine below small make up for your explanation: for travel bag, each bag also has a soul, is the designer's design inspiration condensed out of the product, we put the bag just as a product, and designers are using this package as life, like from already gave birth to children, full of vitality, youth is dye-in-the-wood. Designers in the definition of product is also different, while men like free and easy, especially the younger men, mainly after 80, after 90, like free and easy, like personality, need energy, need movement, art or have a outdoor bag that can see through the appearance that the youth fashion, rich individual character design, and a variety of color, design but also have no words on the function, independent of shoes warehouse, let the separation of clothes and shoes, internal design dry wet depart, don't have to worry about how put the wet clothes, in terms of use at ordinary times, can be single to shoulder, can also be oblique ku, will also be able to hands, use rise very aspect, can cooperate with you all sorts of modelling of pose. In general, men choose outdoor travel bag, art sunny brand luggage is recommended, not only can let the 'level of appearance is accused of' fondle admiringly, better for pragmatism, complete function, easy to use, select art clear bag, for it.
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