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What kind of material is wear-resisting bags custom

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-11
Choice of material in the bags custom there are many, many customers are want wear-resisting performance is good material, wear-resistant material made bags quality is very good, but a lot of customers for make up bag material that is not quite understand, so I do not know what material is more wear-resisting, Jin Jieqiang below small make up bags custom gave you talk about what kind of material is more wear-resisting, check out together. 1, Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth is a kind of functional diversity, a wide range of new fabrics on the market basically has: set of lattice, full play, polyamide fiber, and other varieties, each species has a different type of density, the higher the density, the better the wear resistance, Oxford cloth has the quality of a material is thin, soft, water proofing property is good, good durability advantages, such as the Oxford cloth bags is the best, is also one of the most common. 2, nylon cloth, nylon is a synthetic fiber, possesses the advantages of waterproof, lightweight and toughness, reusable and can be washed, nylon fabric material is durable, practical performance, the common shopping make up bag, backpack, heat preservation bags are made of nylon material, etc. 3, canvas, canvas, 帆布) Is a kind of relatively thick cotton or linen fabric, named after the deep originally used to sail. More commonly used plain weave, a small amount of use twill weave, warp/weft yarn with more shares. Canvas usually canvas and thin canvas two kinds big. Canvas is also called the canvas cover, has a good waterproof performance, the biggest characteristic is sturdy, used in automobile transportation and open-air warehouse tent cover and the wild. Thin canvas for labor protection clothing and supplies, after dyeing or printing, also can be used as a shoe, bags fabrics, handbags, backpacks, table cloth, table cloth and so on. Custom bags, Jin Jieqiang suggestion choice and nylon Oxford cloth, not only wear-resisting, durable, also very suitable for travel out field, etc. Canvas is also a good choice, of course, if still need to learn more bags material, can go to our Jin Jieqiang website to check the related information, if the bags custom, can directly dial our Jin Jieqiang website free telephone, Jin Jieqiang since its establishment more than 14 years, experienced, trustworthy!
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