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What is the telephone number of the bag manufacturer

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-19
Bag manufacturer telephone: 173 - 0442 - 8983. Provide: bag, travel bag, receive bag, receive a suite, receive gifts wholesale manufacturers custom service, seven years of factory production experience, support of OEM brand, free design, lightning shipments. Above: bag manufacturers choose our five core advantages: 1, the source factory, proprietary brand: brand founded in 2012, in 2017 to create their own factory, is a real source of manufacturers. 2, the independent design, exclusive rights: a strong design team, a number of patent of appearance design, each season can be a new product more than 20. 3, surprise, originality technology: using an inch of eight needle exquisite craft, precision car suture, pins, fine, fine workmanship details to explain quality, reasonable cutting line, accurate positioning, punching, integration of the sealing, keep the design feeling, nine procedure, originality. 4, good service, after-sale worries: ( A) And customer service: 24 hours a day, dedicated customer service, real-time online, one-on-one solution customization requirements and Suggestions for you. ( 2) Exclusive designer, business reception, on-the-spot investigation, visit reception. ( 3) , the door: pay for customers all over the country on a regular basis, to pay a return visit, field to understand customers' requirements. ( 4) , after treatment: treat after-sales, quick response, you only need a telephone, the remaining, we help you deal with. 5, order process: above: bag order process
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