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What is a good material of bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-21
Believe that many of those as a short trip, small bags, solve a lot of equipment to take what upset. is leave the familiar place, or to do something or visit, or engaged in enjoying the sun, warm in nature can be everyday items, put everything you want to take on all in order to convenient to carry. And then say, material about the travel bag. What is a good material of bag? can be divided into three kinds of material: 1, the PU leather material to PU leather are synthetic fabrics, the price is low, water proofing property is good, but wearability is poor. This kind of material of the box, though it may seem high-grade, but not strong enough and usually do not durable. 2 material similar to that of nylon Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth, is a kind of fabric material, the material is strong, good wear resistance, but the Oxford cloth material bags tend to be heavy, design is easy to look old. 3, cowhide leather material is a kind of animal skins, most expensive, but the price is low. Although this kind of material bags product value is high, but the water proofing property is not good, poor wear resistance, easy to damage. In terms of fabric need to achieve the following: 1, fabric density is small, light. 2, fabrics, wear resistance, high strength toughness. 3, fabric against the rain. Bags according to different application environment, and can be divided into leisure travel make up bag bag and business affairs. Leisure travel make up bag you can choose according to their own dress like colour modelling and lively advisable, grade choice. Choose appropriate to the size of the bag can bring a lot of convenient to travel, travel bag because of its special use, the requirement of tolerance is higher, should choose light and fastness of the fabric as main ingredient, not easy to bad and lighten the burden of travel consumers.
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