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What is a good fabric custom wallets to choose

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-10
In today s prevailing custom, personalization, personal customization, various types of items can be customized. Small pockets, all rivers run into sea; Small pockets, fashionable. Custom purse can save promotion costs, small, lightweight, portable is a feature of it. What is a good fabric that custom wallets to choose? 1. Pockets of fabrics used leather leather purse no matter from appearance or quality is a grade, are very strict in the process and materials, selection of leather wallet is the symbol of identity, the cost is very high if you as a gift. So custom leather purse is often given to senior leaders, the level of customer, and the number of generally small, so the price is more high. 2. Pockets of fabrics used nylon wall barrier was a real house or garden, and pockets of nylon material is our bags & other Cloth industry & throughout; The most solid wall, it strong abrasion resistance, tear resistance, durable, price is medium. It generally can be seen on the appearance of nylon and nylon, fine nylon and pit lines of fine nylon feel soft and comfortable, look more business, with subtle and grooved nylon feel bump, more casual appearance, it will be according to the requirement of the enterprise to purse custom make to order. 3. Pockets of fabrics to choose the fashionable canvas is that everyone can handle the canvas, canvas purse can be pure and fresh and free from vulgarity colorful fancy, it more pursuit is not the quality, but the design of the canvas make up bag, design the more unique value is higher. If the custom a canvas purse as a promotional gift, it is not only the cost is low, and the audience, but if the effect is good or right pocket custom manufacturer, do customize personalized wallets. Jin Jieqiang companies specializing in the production of customized product package and gifts, according to the customer need to develop the corresponding products, to meet customer needs. Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, has a professional product design team, can be customized for clients product packaging, the main production computer bags, backpacks, wallets, etc. , for many famous enterprises tailored personalized wallets, good reputation, good quality, trustworthy!
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