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What details when receive arrange package of choose and buy things quality is good or bad

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-04
As the saying goes, the details will be, when receive arrange package of choose and buy, this sentence also applies, regardless of the package, only every detail processing good, then only is it a quality reliable package. So, what details when receive arrange package of choose and buy things quality is good or bad? Next, the answers for you solve this problem. Generally, whatever the case, as long as the following several factors have no big problem, that the package is fine workmanship, quality basic secure package. 1, the bag bag surface whether level off, smooth surface, all the fabric at the connecting whether if there are other seams, bubbling, presence of bare burrs, etc. 2 suspender straps is an important part of the bag, bag, also be more easily damaged parts, straps quality can directly affect the service life of the bag length, so the bag of choose and buy time to check straps on the presence of suture, crack, fixed line have a good car, in addition, but also pay attention to the bearing with solid degrees straps, especially items often carry more weight, the straps bearing with solid degrees is very important. 3, bags of the whole car suture mending stitch density is directly related to the bag quality is good or bad, so, when the choose and buy handbags, regardless of adopts open wire or wiring sewing bag, the length of the needle came here should be uniform, and there is no thrum exposed, pay attention to the stitching is no wrinkles, lines are reached, to see if the cable head place can cause cracking of package. 4, handbags hardware accessories of many bags will have certain hardware fittings, the presence of these accessories for bag can have the effect that make the finishing point, bag of choose and buy, should pay attention to the shape of metal accessories, how was work, some relatively sharp metal parts shape, then give children or the elderly home, is not chipped and some hardware accessories is a layer of color on the crossing, when the choose and buy must pay attention to whether easy to fade. May choose a package, glue is strong, be sure to drag drag components, see glue adhesion is strong. Especially, some fashion bags, because the style good-looking, ornament thing well, so it will be very attract people's attention, but if these ornament thing joint is not very strong, it lost its characteristics.
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