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What are the types of Oxford cloth

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-26
Oxford cloth is a kind of originated in Britain, with Oxford University, named after the traditional combed cotton fabric, due to its quality of a material is frivolous, feel is good, and very wear-resisting durable, and so many backpacks are using this kind of fabric on the market, especially the enterprises in the custom of the backpack, in the pursuit of higher cost performance, often require the use of Oxford cloth material, Oxford cloth according to its different characteristics, and also can be divided into different varieties, let Jin Jieqiang below small make up to introduce you to introduce what kinds of Oxford, check out together. 1, one of Oxford cloth bags made of material, USES the cell tissue texture and in water ( With the dragon's head) On the loom weaving becomes. Fabric design is novel, the craft is unique, positive case grain protruding, stereo sense is strong, become one of the most prominent parts fabrics, also in the reverse side using the coating ( PU) Process, water proofing property is stronger, better drape, better material is used for making various kinds of fashion. The common color on market basically has black, navy blue, coffee series and so on. 2, set of lattice Oxford cloth bags made of one material, application of plain weave fabric, in water-jet loom woven fabric by relaxation, alkaline, dyeing, antistatic, coating processing, has the quality of a material is frivolous, soft, water proofing property is good, good durability and other advantages. Such Oxford cloth bags is one of the best, is also one of the most common. 3, nylon Oxford cloth, mainly produced for flood control and rainproof supplies, is a plain weave structure, woven products by water spray. Fabric after dyeing and finishing, coating process, with soft, drapability strong, novel style, waterproof properties is good wait for an advantage, cloth masks, nylon silk luster sensory effect. Because of its excellent quality, novel in design and color, are popular among users. It is understood that the advantages of the fabrics and do not fade, changeless form based on the market. Listed the color navy blue, light black, tiger yellow, dark green, such as different types, and can according to customer demand for batch selected a variety of different color. 4, one of the full play of Oxford cloth bags produced material, selection of coarse change point nearby tissue on spray loom weaving becomes. Fabric scouring the relaxation, reservation, alkali deweighting, soft after finalize the design, fabric opposite then through rubber polyester layer. Made of this fabric bags with its fashionable appearance, exquisite texture, good waterproof, many love beautiful fashionable personage, become the bags on the market to be bestowed favor on newly. Article 5, weft Oxford cloth bags made of one material, weaving process using zonal article mention in water-jet weaving, With dobby tap) Interweave and into. Cloth cover the stripe is clear, integrating modernity, artistry, drapability. Fabric after dyeing, embossing or calender, has the advantages of strong vertical perceptual, water proofing property is good. The material is applied to the fashion leisure shoes, because the character of material itself to the choice of dress collocation is rich! The above is about & other; What are the kinds of Oxford cloth & throughout; Related introduced, everybody know it. Oxford cloth material to make the make up bag, whether it is style, feel, or durability is very good, all kinds of backpack main material is produced by Jin Jieqiang Oxford cloth, custom backpack find Jin Jieqiang Oxford cloth, we are professional bags customized manufacturer, was founded in 2004, has been operating for more than ten years. For more than ten years, we only focused on bags custom service, first service a baidu, alibaba, market network and large companies such as HP technology, design and production is rich, trustworthy!
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