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What are the tips custom running pack

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-10
Part of the running, belongs to the aerobic exercise. The workings of a no high technology threshold, running in recent years is gradually becoming universal love of popular sports. Once inside the & other; Running circles & throughout; And all kinds of equipment is essential. Whether you are a outdoor activities or go to the gym, or to take part in a relatively regular endurance, in addition to professional running outside the basic demand for clothing and shoes, always need a make up bag to put some everyday items, such as mobile phone, keys, change and clothing, so it is necessary to run a package. So, what custom running tips? Whether sporting goods store or online store, backpack, purse, arm make up bag and so on a wide variety of styles, unavoidably makes people confused about, and the price few yuan to thousands of yuan price, is to let people do not know how to start. In small make up point of view, a professional running gear, often on the fabric material, weight, model design is more exquisite. A backpack or pocket, weight, comfort and convenience are considerations of the key factors; Material aspect, had better choose external laceration resistant materials and water resistant high strength nylon. Running custom package design option 1. Bottle pocket features: kettle purse usually broad, permeability is good; Easy to take put and drinking; Due to the heavy water, want to consider the balance and stability of the movement, that if the design well, it will be very affected state. More than single pot, pot and kettle pot, specific see buyers demand. 2. Arm package features: compact, easy to wear, sports can pack outside the direct control; Bind to widen the Velcro form, to enhance the comfort. Common arm package are mainly & other; Pocket & throughout; And & other Touch the window & throughout; Two, the former can place the goods classification, which is easy to control the phone in the running. It's important to note that opening and the design of the arm to take place, can't let sweat into bags, permeability is better. 3. Wallet features: large capacity, extensible, pockets are usually around the waist after a circle fixed position in the lower abdomen, stability in the run is very good. A after wallets sold only in the backpack. 4. Backpack features: large capacity, functional, suitable for running, hiking, cycling and so on many outdoor activities, also can travel as a standby packages. Must choose a belt or sash fixed, can increase the comfort and stability. Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, specializing in the production of bags, wallets, backpacks, arm travel make up bag, leisure purses, etc. Various kinds of bags, provide professional OEM processing, sample processing, to map custom, in quality assurance at the same time, it can be finished in a short period of time the material ordering and production, on-time shipments to customers, good quality, trustworthy!
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