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What are the process custom backpack production process

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-18
Backpack personalization is hot popular, large and medium-sized enterprises or demand for backpack custom gift company growing. Enterprise custom backpack must first find of bags manufacturer, and is most backpack manufacturers docking with enterprise professional procurement staff. However, many buyers don't understand the backpack custom industry, more not clear backpack what process in production of custom. Today, Jin Jieqiang small make up to introduce backpack production custom processes, hope to help you. 1, the backpack is the first step of making custom by bags manufacturer edition room teacher according to the rendering process, the version in the version of the impression to you may have very big discrepancy, says he is version is dilettante, actually in the industry people call it & other Paper case & throughout; , that is, using large-format paper to use a ball-point pen painted drawings, with detailed instructions above. 2, the second working procedure is making sample, the procedure of whether good or bad largely depends on paper, standard. Paper, there is no problem, sample packages basically can achieve the purpose of the design. The purpose of making sample bag a few, the first is to confirm that paper, whether there are any errors, to prevent the occurrence of serious deviation big goods production, the second purpose is to sample, test version. Because even the same fabrics of different decorative pattern, the whole make up bag made effect will vary greatly. 3, the third procedure is the preparation and the cutting material, this procedure is mainly advanced procurement of raw materials, due to raw material procurement to are batch rolls fabric, trimming, operation mode and then packed separately. As in the early period of the sewing processing process every step is critical. Below is the style of the cutting die, the die cutter is completely according to the paper also made. 4, the fourth procedure is sewing, generally backpack will not be too thick, basic use flat car to be able to complete the sewing process. If meet with special thick backpack or special complex bags, may use in the process of the last line suture to high car equipment, etc. Sewing is the longest of backpack production customization process process, is also the most critical procedure. But strictly speaking, the sewing is not only a process, it is composed of multi-channel processes, the top piece of xujiaweizi in sewing, sewing, painting after sewing, the fabric sewn seam, wear shoulder straps, knot, charter process such as close together. 5, the last procedure is the acceptance package, generally in the packaging link will do the whole package quality inspection, unqualified products back to the procedure, rework processing. Qualified bags alone make dust protection, packing quantity for the whole packing according to customer's request. Most backpack to reduce logistics cost and the compression baling exhaust, when the packing space will be in the packaging, of course, because the soft fabric bags are not afraid of pressure. Custom look Jin Jieqiang backpack production, is a collection of bags products design, development, production and sales as one of the bags industry and trade enterprises, has been committed to luggage personalized custom services, professional custom computer bag, backpack, backpack, etc. , high quality trustworthy!
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