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What are the precautions for bicycle car package use

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-16
Cycling is very popular in recent years, a green sport, especially on the weekends, many people like to ride bicycle out all all, very at leisure. Therefore, all kinds of car package also gradually became popular. Below Jin Jieqiang manufacturer bicycle car gave you talk about what are the precautions for' target='_blank'>make up bag use, know to understand together. Front car packages installed on the handlebars, location, can be convenient to take put objects. Go out cycling, cell phone, wallet, snacks, glass etc. Car can be in the package, neither take also need not back, very convenient. But the car package at the time of use, you also need to be aware of some items, lest affect use. 1, I'll have to check the car ride before the package is stable and the framework of fixed do the screw loose. So as not to ride, because the car package unstable fixed and fall, and damage items in the warranty. 2, put the valuable electronic products, such as cameras, camcorders, recommend the use of shock tank, and fill the internal space, between the equipment as a result of the bumps and reduced to the lowest risk of knock against each other. 3, if carelessly fall down and collision accident, after carefully check the car package damage, for timely repair or replacement. 4, if the car comes with a single shoulder straps, please it will be removed before riding, avoid the shoulder belt in the wheel. 5, car package generally is by the make up bag body and fixed or fixed with two parts, a lot of car package is directly by two fixed belt will be bale to the handlebars, but such easily because the car package there is no space between handlebars and, in turn, pressure on the brake and transmission line pipe, and too close to the frame, will happen to knock against each other. So the car package and the choose and buy when using, must look at the front of package with fixed place whether a handlebar distance before, also notice the head package can lock on the handlebars, lest cycling bags to shake up and down on the way, so as not to ride. The above is about & other; What are the precautions for bicycle car package use & throughout; Simple introduced, although the car package use, is not so complicated, but still have to pay attention to the related issues, so as not to affect the normal use. If you still have what not understand, but online consulting Jin Jieqiang manufacturers.
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