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What are the differences between spot backpack with custom knapsack

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-26
Spot backpack with custom bags, from the literal meaning of understanding is a spot is a backpack, one is the need to customize the backpack, their commonness and difference between them, today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer spot gave everybody simple talk about backpack with custom bags, what are the difference between understand understand together. 1, the difference of personalized custom backpack personalized strong, spot backpack with regular sex. Custom backpack can according to customer needs, from the backpack fabrics, color, style, size, logo printing, etc, can let the customer choose, personalization effect is stronger. And spot backpack is for the convenience of small batch produced by clients to buy, the spot backpack style, fabric, color, size and so on are can not modify, logo printing in general, only laser laser and screen printing two kinds, basically spot backpack is unlikely to change, is single. 2, price difference is the same design make up bag, the price of the custom is relatively lower than the spot, because custom backpack, minimum quantity to place there, without a certain amount, manufacturer to save the cost of production is not order, custom backpack, factory is mainly for the sake of a high-volume, low-margin business. And spot backpack no minimum quantity, even if only buy a, manufacturer will receive, that there is no certain quantity, the production cost is relatively higher, the price will rise. Jin Jieqiang, for example, Jin Jieqiang spot backpack mainly in response to the customer to cargo urgent and less number of custom and exclusive production of customized, are selected materials, strictly control the production quality, and not fear of unsold inventory goods have problems such as quality or backpack, spot backpack quality is leverage. Purchaser if not be at ease, Jin Jieqiang still can send the sample to the customer to verify the quality, if you feel no problem, you place the order again procurement is also no problem. To learn more about Jin Jieqiang spot backpack details you dear friends, you can add Jin Jieqiang business ( Miss li) WeChat 13509667217 for more details, we are always online waiting for you!
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