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What are the canvas bag of cleaning and maintenance method

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-03-03
Spring is the season of canvas bag use frequency is very high, use more, canvas bag is easy to get dirty, so need often clean our canvas bag, although the canvas bag cleaning and maintenance than leather handbags so complicated and trouble, but I still need to pay attention to some problems when we cleaning and maintenance: oh, not so as not to wash the bad bags. Canvas bag, then, how do you wash? Jin Jieqiang below small make up for your action. Canvas bag visually if there is no any special besmirch, can be directly put the whole package in the water, cleaning brush, but there are obvious besmirch place you need to clean them locally. Such as handbags with oily be soiled, can use detergent to clean. To thoroughly clean with soft wool to brush wash, rinse thoroughly. In addition, if afraid of handbags fade, can be in clean water, first add some salt or white vinegar, then package in about 30 minutes, then wash clean can, this method can effectively prevent fading. A lot of the background is white canvas bag with a lot of color pattern, cleaning if you don't pay attention, this make up bag is very easy to cause the string of color. Advice when cleaning bags, clean with neutral soft lotion, shampoo, for example, you can also use detergent to add gold spinning clothing fabric softener, such as the main is to prevent the alkaline detergent damage leather, but be careful not to let the leather face inhaling too much water, suggest using a clean cotton swab leather. , of course, the final drying is very important step, fear of string of words of color is the bag after cleaning with plenty of toilet paper parcels, must be close to the surface, to prevent color, also can prevent the canvas surface yellowing. Special attention is, must be air-dried or dry, cannot let sunshine, and in the air, the best turn out bag lining air is basked in, this can also prevent make up bag surface is damaged in the process of drying. Canvas bag, please look for the Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang is one specialized is engaged in the bags production and processing, research and development, design and sales of production-oriented enterprises, has more than ten years of business experience, has a professional r&d team and professional operation personnel, therefore, Jin Jieqiang have enough ability for the customer the latest research and development and design, exquisite, high quality bags.
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