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We pay attention to choose children schoolbag custom manufacturer

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-13
When it comes to children's school bags custom, mentioning a topic is custom bag quality, after all, the bag quality is directly related to children's healthy growth. If the children are designed carrying make up bag for a long time, can be serious effects on the spinal development, is likely to trigger the corresponding spinal deformity, and the developing height. Therefore, the school at the time of custom children's school bags, will strictly choose cooperation manufacturer, after all, how manufacturers strength can directly affect the quality of custom bags. So, the school should pay attention to when choosing children's school bags custom manufacturer? Let below small make up to simple introduce to you, hurry to get to know understanding. 1, note manufacturer qualification package now custom manufacturer is a dime a dozen, their level of qualifications is uneven, some manufacturers even without a licence, when choosing a factory, school, therefore, is to determine whether they have regular production qualification, factory production of the product quality can meet the national requirements, etc. , after all, children use the things very pay attention to environmental protection, if you are not normal manufacturer production out of the bag, perhaps the price will be lower, but the bag quality is not guaranteed, will produce harmful substances, even affect children healthy body, therefore, the choice of strict cooperation manufacturer, to customize the high quality children's bag is very important. 2, pay attention to the manufacturers make up bag design whether reasonable many school children in the custom of bag, there is no specific model, therefore, the school will need to communicate with factory side coordination, manufacturers to help design a meet the needs of children school bag. It is worth noting that the children's school bags exquisite portable and durable, and children of different age stages of the bag is different, the kindergarten affirmation is not suitable for middle school students back schoolbag, in addition, the bag internal design but also pay attention to reasonable, so that students of books, stationery, water, snacks, etc can be classified depositing, facilitate access. So, the school notice at the custom make up bag manufacturer designed sample is appropriate for the students in the school, whether accord with the actual situation of their school. Custom children's bag, choose Jin Jieqiang! Quality of the goods time all rest assured, as benchmarking enterprise of guangdong suitcase industry custom, custom Jin Jieqiang has for a number of well-known by the school children bag, good quality and Jin Jieqiang focus on bags customized for 14 years, has a strong designer team, and with the well-known domestic enterprises have many years of cooperation relations, respectively HOME LINK, huawei, TCL, sinopec, and so on. Therefore, choose, children's school bags customized manufacturer Jin Jieqiang is worth considering, choice of manufacturers.
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