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Wash gargle bag to choose what kind of material is better

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-03
Wash gargle bag is daily, and when you travel to receive the rare good helper toiletries, as people to improve the level of consumption, according to different demand of toiletry bags styles on the market is also more and more. In the face of all kinds of wash gargle bag, consumer is when the choose and buy hard to avoid can carry presbyopia, don't know to choose what kind of material would be better. For this, let Jin Jieqiang toiletry bags to choose small make up to you talk about what kind of material is better, and see it together. 1, wash gargle bag of plastic wash gargle make up bag of plastic material is use PVC plastic film, such as material, this kind of material color, shape, variety, but the design is not complicated, zip is matched with more simple and easy carrying, and this kind of material of toiletry bags are now known to use time for six months or so! Such as better quality to extend, depending on its individual usage! 2, the toiletry bags toiletry bags of material of leather material as its name implies is to use leather material and toiletry bags, compared with the simple plastic toiletry bags, leather material is upgraded products, color and shape also is to have a lot of kinds, some leather material with some beautiful pattern, suitable for the number of different use. 3, plastic net toiletry bags with glue material completely its network material, has the characteristic such as leaking air permeability, served on the appliance that wash gargle toiletry bags of dry easily won't produce all kinds of peculiar smell, is suitable for the use of a long journey, due to the particularity of the material, the surface can't printing all sorts of fonts and design! 4, leather glue network combining toiletry bags this kind of product is leather material is given priority to, a combination of the gel network toiletry bags, plastic mesh material mainly with wash gargle make up bag at the bottom and sides, drainage and exhaust is the main purpose, solved the sealing properties of the material leather wash bags! 5, linen wash gargle bag is one of the most popular wash gargle bag! What is linen main material is actually a kind of very strong rubber YingWang its surface shape and color like flax, its advantage is high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, not easy fracture, its maximum normal such toiletry bags bearing about 15 kg. Wash gargle bag of choose and buy is not very desirable, it might as well try customization, completely can according to your requirements tailored, creating exclusive toiletry bags for you. Wash gargle bag custom, can choose Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer! Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer located in guangzhou, specializing bags customized have twelve years of experience, factory owned more than 200 people, and has its own design team and r&d team fully customized work, is a professional bags custom manufacturers in the industry!
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