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Velvet cosmetic bag let you also can show new fashion - in winter News and information -

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-06
Yesterday just after the beginning of winter solar term that winter is coming, you would like to ask how to dress up to the most fashionable in winter? It must not velvet products, after all, velvet material product is the darling of the new fashion in winter, and the following, is clear to introduce the art velour cosmetic bag. Velvet is cut pile fabric. Surface villous, mostly by special after silk be cut out. Smooth surface luster, can be bright red, rhubarb, more bright color such as blue, and the color of summer is just the opposite, summer attune slants thin, give a person relaxed and visual sense, winter, you will need to partial thick, give a person the visual feeling hot temperature. Velvet material has a characteristic, belongs to own senior feeling, full of aristocratic, because in the middle ages and Renaissance, velvet fabrics are all made of pure silk, though most of today's velvet is blended fabric, some even without silk ingredients, but its historical origin, then only the noble can use velvet class textiles. Although with the produce of the large-scale industrial velvet now than in the past the priceless, but in such aspects as smooth touch, bright visual still kept the essence of velvet, make its can be applied to all kinds of products. Art fine velvet cosmetic bag is the use of these unique features, built the velvet series, cosmetic bag, fan-shaped, rectangular, beam embouchure, lazy rabbit ear model species such as cosmetic bag, each kind of type, are full of its own characteristics, suitable for different age groups and different character of woman, you need so that you can take art fine velvet cosmetic bag, fashion sense in winter.
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