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Ultraviolet radiation to human body harm, use XiaoDuBao how to do it safe?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-01
Q: ultraviolet radiation to human body harm, use XiaoDuBao how to do it safe? A: set up relevant safety device. With APOLLO DREAM, UV - Jin Jieqiang development model C LED sterilization portable bag, for example, in the design of the disinfecting bag is given at the beginning of the safe usage of ultraviolet. We all know, excessive ultraviolet ray can damage to human body, especially to UVA, UVB this two kinds of wavelength of ultraviolet radiation damage to human body skin damage is bigger, long-term illuminate, will not only hurt the skin, eyes, and even the possibility of cancer. 阿波罗梦想紫外- C LED sterilization portable make up bag by accident prevention magnet switch, therefore, APOLLO DREAM UV - C LED is UVC ultraviolet sterilization portable bag selected, UVC is the weakest in ultraviolet band, the weak do not represent its sterilization effect is not good, but prove more secure. UVC light cannot penetrate even paper, with the right material to be cut off or away from a little distance, will not be able to affect the human body, its safety can be effectively guaranteed, moreover, UVC ultraviolet sterilization effect is the best in all ultraviolet light, UVC ultraviolet devastating for microorganisms, when the wavelength of ultraviolet radiation bacteria body, cells of nucleoprotein and deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA) Strongly absorb the energy of the band, break the chain between them was opened, so that the bacteria die, achieve sterilization. Recently, research has proved the UVC LED technology for new crown pneumonia virus is inactivated, the escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and other common pathogens are as high as 99. 9% of the super strong sterilization effect. Finally, the APOLLO DREAM UV - C LED sterilization portable bag also comes with by accident prevention device, in use process, if you are not careful to open the bag cover, inside sterilization device will automatically shut down, stop working, turn off the bag cover, press the switch button, XiaoDuBao can continue to work for sterilization.
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