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Ultraviolet disinfection XiaoDuBao effect how?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-01
Q: ultraviolet disinfection XiaoDuBao effect how? A: with APOLLO DREAM, UV - Jin Jieqiang development model C LED sterilization portable make up bag, for example, the XiaoDuBao sterilization effect is very good, the XiaoDuBao has passed the certification of the microbiological analysis inspection center of guangdong province, three minutes can quickly kill e. coli, candida albicans, the common pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, sterilization rate is as high as 99. 9, disinfection effect is good in shaanxi province. 阿波罗梦想紫外- C LED sterilization totes adopted from aerospace science and technology of pure physical cold light disinfection sterilization technology & ndash; — 紫外- C LED ultraviolet disinfection technology, no residual pollution-free no radiation, safety of green environmental protection, the XiaoDuBao built-in 12 UVC LED lamp bead, omni-directional & other; UVC sterilization array & throughout; 360度; Surround type sterilization, let the UVC ultraviolet fully released, bacteria, nowhere to hide, UVC ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms of DNA or RNA molecule structure, can quickly kill & other; Cs & throughout; The body of all kinds of common pathogens ( Escherichia coli, streptococcus, anaerobic bacteria, etc. ) Protect, prevent virus infection, body health. Recently, Seoul, South Korea, wei such and SETi, announced that they have successfully adopted Violeds ( UVC LED) Technology implementation within 30 seconds to kill 99. 9% of the new type of coronavirus. Seoul, South Korea, wei such and SETI has announced the technology results, proved the UVC LED light could be successfully killed after 99. 9% of the new type of coronavirus ( COVID - 19) 。 The study has shown that, UVC LED uv XiaoDuBao current CDC and epidemic prevention work and life to play an active role and effective help. Also once again proved that China's national WeiJianWei released in early march, the new type of coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control program ( The sixth edition) 'In the UVC ultraviolet ray can effectively inactivated new coronavirus theory is correct. Want to know more about APOLLO DREAM UV - C LED sterilization portable make up bag, welcomed the call Jin Jieqiang official free hotline 4000061690 for more information.
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