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Trunk is soft box to use or hard case

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-16
Luggage according to the different material properties, currently on the market can be divided into two major types, soft and hard cases, soft and hard cases are each have advantages and disadvantages, therefore, many people don't know when I was in the choose and buy to choose what kind of work. Listen to the next Jin Jieqiang small make up for what is the answer of this question. Soft and hard cases have their features, for the suitcase because consumers preferences are different, so, to make a comparison between them, the conclusion is difficult, as to what kind of luggage is useful, the key also depends on consumer preferences, consumers say that is really good. Trunk soft case is commonly made of cloth material, because the extensibility of the cloth kind of material is better, so make trunk space flexibility is good, when installs the baggage of a little bit full also hold, but the overall soft cloth material, so you can't have very good protection effect of inside the box items, trunk overall appearance and no hard case material so fashion, but the applicability of the soft box is good, soft box fell resistance, wear resistance is much higher than that of hard box, even rough handling at the airport, soft box is also relatively withstand test, soft box of material a little bit better, there is no problem with a few years, in terms of overall cost performance is high. Hard box production materials commonly used PC, ABS, PVC, aluminum and magnesium alloys, such as the material to the hard box overall comparison and compressive strength, waterproof, and also can be very good to protect the goods in the cabinet is not affected by extrusion, clean up is also very convenient. And hard box appearance design, colour, shape, such as choice more, so on the market is more popular with consumers. Hard cases, however, there are also many shortcomings, in general, common hard box box body weight than soft box is heavy, and no elastic space, relatively fixed, do not put too much luggage. And easy to scratched hard box, especially aluminum magnesium alloy material, super easy to scratched, thus affect beautiful. Whether hard or soft box, each have their advantages and disadvantages of different preferences of consumers like the degree of soft box, box is also different, in general, consumer favorite is the best. Custom pull rod box, look for the Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer! Jin Jieqiang establishment has been 14 years, not only has a certain scale plant and version of the room, the production equipment is perfect, at the same time also has a research and development of professional designers and makers of exquisite technology, rod box guaranteed quality, trustworthy!
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