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Trip before you travelling bag to choose the right

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-29
Every young man with a dream, that is, want a trip for said come away, now some hot short video platform, a lot of the hot spot of attention, material are also a variety of travel, but said come away, before you travelling bag to choose the right? By art fine below small make up for your explanation: one, suitable for short-range move luggage short-range and as the name implies, is probably around to swim, a relatively short distance 1 - the time required 3 days is enough, in view of this situation, we choose the bag need not too big, especially in the choice of short-range swim during the summer, to be able to place a pair of shoes, two sets of clothes in summer, add some toiletries, art or have a 19 years new short-range travelling bag, have an independent shoe warehouse, don't have to worry shoes clothes together, and in the package have the space of the dry wet depart, with a wet towel or wet clothes, also can separate into a pocket, very convenient and practical, select it, immediately can say to a walk away excursions. Second, suitable for long distance travel luggage general swim long distances, time at least 3 days or more, carry things, is also a relatively complete, in several sets of washing clothes should be is some, shoes several pairs is also considering the scope of the time long, office notebook is also want to consider in it, and this will not be able to consider to choose before a small bag, need large capacity folding bag, art or have a folding bag is very good, folded when not in use, the size of glass, do not take up any place, use of time, space is large, put a lot of things, the appearance is very fashionable. Select the user that long-distance swimming, if feel something more, a package is not enough, can be used in conjunction and short-range travel luggage, size is tie-in, fashion and practical. Small make up summary: short swim and swim long distances, the above tell you the bag you will choose the right? To learn more luggage knowledge, can continue to pay attention to small make up, pay close attention to public art shine.
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