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Travel backpack when the choice must pay attention to the specific details

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-29
Travel season is summer and winter vacations, each to this time, there are a lot of flourishing students on travel schedule, is to have a relaxed mood, said to a go go travel, then select knapsack should pay attention to what details? Jin Jieqiang arts fine for you on the following: a, travel bags appearance feature selection shopping now, is it a appearance level, without a good level of product appearance, we would be dismissed, have appearance level is only a foundation, mainly from function to go up and more choice, according to own actual situation, choose to suit oneself function and backpacking. Second, the use of comfort choice knapsack comfort is we should pay attention to, after all, long time back, choose a uncomfortable, behind will be very tired, so want to pay attention to the shoulder straps from the design, the structure of the waist and back design. For the design of the shoulder belt width as far as possible, can choose grid and diving material, as far as possible to thick air permeability; The waist structure refers to the fixed buckle and belt, the design can let the bag close to the body and solid, is not affected in activities; And this kind of design, carry is more comfortable, won't be so tired. From the back, on the other hand, design consideration, one is using sanming grid of cotton triangle venting system, used to cut back, direct contact with backpack on and ventilation effect. The second is the sandwich mesh universal coverage back, let with elastic breathable, omni-directional protecting shoulder every point, let bear get an optimal state of relaxation. Three, from the size of the travel bag size to choose travel backpack determines the length of the trip distance, 20 - 35 l travel backpack in the city ran half a month should be enough, if the field can consider to choose more than 35 l, storage space larger bag, carrying a sleeping bags, clothes, shoes, is enough. This is Jin Jieqiang arts fine interpretation of backpacking to choose for you, we can simply according to the above three conditions to choose a good travel bag. Or through the winter vacation coming purchase season, exclusive corporate logo can be customized for employees of travel bag.
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