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Tool bags custom what are the common classification

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-23
Tool bags custom mainly is to protect the safety and for the use of tools provide portable service staff, the tool bags are applicable to the different tools of different, tool bags are basically design customized, customized according to the shapes and characters of the tools on the market is not to say that just buy a tool make up bag is applicable. Today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer brought everyone together to learn about the tool bags custom what are the common classification. 1, portable bags hand-held tool bags weight and volume is not large, generally are intended to ensure that the tool bags filled with tools to adult single hand up, more portable,. If inside cheng fang is a valuable tool, this tool bags custom make sure drop collision avoidance, the internal force enough buffer. Purpose is, of course, protect the security of the tool. After all, a set of valuable tools are expensive. 2, knapsack tool bags knapsack tool bags are popular with customers of a type, concrete can be divided into one shoulder and shoulder carried two types, single shoulder negative tool make up bag size, weight is not very big, or shoulders could not afford. And shoulders with tool bags, it is more convenient working outdoors, can free to do other things with your hands, and shoulders with tool bags bearing capacity are better relatively, but for the convenience of receiving and protect the security of the tool, shoulders with tool bags are generally have receive interlayer, and the double shoulder tool package structure is relatively more complicated. The common classification is Jin Jieqiang manufacturer analyses tool bags, hope for your tool bags custom has certain help. If you have any questions about the tool bags custom don't understand, welcome to online consultation Jin Jieqiang, we will wholeheartedly for you to solve.
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