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Tool bag order what are the requirements

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-12
Tool bags existence is to protect and convenient to carry some tools, tool for a variety of shapes, such as performance, protection requirements are different, so the majority of tool bags are according to the features of the tools individually custom, then, tool bags order what are the requirements? The following Jin Jieqiang manufacturer will give you about the problem. 1, the instrument to provide a complete physical model tool bags in addition to the existing template for other no template is have to be the exclusive design custom manufacturer, at the time of design, custom party shall provide a complete tool physical model or one to one, so that manufacturers have reference when design, can be designed according to item one-on-one, prevent error, so that the instrument can better, easy to use, and it controls design tool make up bag also is easier to get customer approval. 2, clear material tool bags custom selection of material has a lot of, but a lot of time to choose according to tool features related to material, waterproof, compressive, wear-resisting and so on, different capable person to play a decisive role in price, if it is a custom for material problem don't understand, can consult the manufacturer, to clarify their own demand, manufacturers recommend suitable materials. Number 3, clear the custom tool bags the whole order process is relatively complex, especially the need to design the tool bags, walk down the whole process is more troublesome, and kit production technology is better than the ordinary bags custom demanding, based on this kind of request, most manufacturers regarding the number of tool bags, customized requirements will be higher, so the customers before the custom tool bags, will find a good manufacturer is the minimum quantity of an order in advance, so as to avoid due to less quantity is difficult to find the right manufacturers, in addition, custom number to a certain extent affect the price of the custom, the manufacturer will according to the number of custom to offer, the more the number, the more competitive prices. If want to learn more about the knowledge of the instrument toolkit, can online or call our Jin Jieqiang website at any time. To deeply understand the instrument toolkit customization factories, small make up recommend Jin Jieqiang customized manufacturer, in this Jin Jieqiang was established 15 years, well-known companies hundred services, such as the covidien, yi kang, voss, professional customized instrument factory, trustworthy!
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