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Today a grass - — Ultraviolet radiation sterilization five folding portable bag

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-05-12
New crown pneumonia outbreak since almost all the way of sterilization were on public view, but not all the sterilization methods suitable for outdoor use, for household life and a few large sterilization equipment, in particular, want to use anytime and anywhere that is impossible. Like alcohol, disinfectant, such as portable way of disinfection, and not all items are applicable, as some items containing metal elements are not share alcohol, sterilization disinfectant, etc. Jin Jieqiang today is to introduce a can be used anytime and anywhere and can accommodate a wide range of sterilization methods & ndash; — Five surface ultraviolet sterilization folding portable make up bag, learn together! Since the outbreak of all kinds of uv XiaoDuBao began to appear in front of the public, but is able to fully collapsible volume do not take up much of ultraviolet XiaoDuBao believe everyone see few. Today to give you said the ultraviolet sterilization five surface folding portable bag, is the new Jin Jieqiang factory research and development, is a pneumonia outbreak in view of the new champions league development based on UVC LED ultraviolet sterilization technology of functional XiaoDuBao folding can be convenient to carry. Built-in nine UVC LED uv light ball, 360 & deg; UVC ultraviolet light, formed a full range of & other UVC sterilization array & throughout; , can quickly kill escherichia coli and candida albicans, the common pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, three minutes sterilization rate is as high as 99. 9%. WeiJianWei and, more importantly, countries and related research has confirmed that ultraviolet (uv) for new crown pneumonia virus inactivated effect to a certain extent, to some extent can effectively kill the new crown pneumonia virus. The ultraviolet sterilization folding portable bag five surface sterilization effect is good, not only, more importantly, the applicable scope is very wide also, like baby bottles, toys, mobile phone, tablet, watches, key, masks and close-fitting clothing items can all the sun can be put in sterilization, only three minutes, can complete sterilization work. Moreover, the disinfection folding portable bag power fitment is extensive, general mobile power supply can be a key to start, no matter where, anywhere can be a open disinfection mode, portability is very good. The disinfection folding portable make up bag and a favored by consumers, the advantages of folding, the disinfection after folding folding portable bag before folding volume only about a quarter of the size, whether home use or travel commuter carries, the disinfection folding portable bag won't take up much space, receive sex is very high. Even the daily transport, the disinfection folding portable make up bag can also be due to the volume, and greatly reduce transport costs, especially foreign transportation, so you can make more users to use this product. Epidemic prevention protection in the current stage, everyday objects sterilization work or can't slack off. Special period each friends, epidemic prevention, hurriedly with this five folding portable bag, ultraviolet radiation sterilization for himself and his family safe, health and epidemic prevention protection!
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