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To receive a package that occupy the home appear mildew what method is used to remove

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-03
Some people will find that occupy the home to receive bag and so on all kinds of packages used after period of time, there will be some biltong surface, in fact this is a sign of mildew, leather bags are easier to mold, in particular, some people just use wet cloth to wipe the calculate, in fact, there is no effect, aiming at this situation, can adopt the following methods to help you solve. Removal methods to receive package mildew points method one: get bag dry towel to wipe it, reoccupy wet cloth, hard twist dry towel gently wipe, after being mildew disappear, will shell out to dry. Wipe with wet cloth again at this moment, a bit dry, inunction again for oil can seriously, the mould is often in the process of bag storage, especially in humid and rainy weather or the bag is dirty. Method 2: cleaning drying, mouldproof do if just became moldy leather, will use mould first erase agent cleaning, wipe, drying ( The oven drying) , such as leather goods belong to the dry state, drop a few import kwai on soil newspapers, get into a ball, with a single copy the entire mass of soil in newspaper wrapped up in a bag. Put mouldproof piece, so there will be no mold. Method 3: spraying fungicide if it is fabric cloth products became moldy, specialized in mould cleaning cloth, erase, spray gun to sa, spray evenly, if spray more, can make the leather rub off easily, less spray, afraid of mouldproof water did not penetrate to wipe, drying. Think art shine in short whatever package, in the process of use and storage, must pay attention to don't contact with water, especially not in damp places, especially luxury package, in this way can we better avoid receive bag mold points from the source.
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