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To figure custom bags should pay attention to matters

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-19
To figure custom is one of the bags in the custom common custom, refers to the customer provide their own custom package design drawings, corresponding to the demand according to the drawing production, most of the bags production manufacturers have to figure custom production capacity, but to figure custom also have no you imagination of so simple, below, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer said to everyone speaking figure custom bags should pay attention to matters, and see it together. 1, to map custom to figure custom precision can be divided into according to design custom and according to the pictures customize the two, if customers with design, so customers design must be the make up bag design, standard to factory to do so, manufacturers can be carried out in accordance with the standard proofing, production process, if customer just provide a design sketch, it will seek help from bags manufacturer, let equipment manufacturers of professional design team to modify the design, there is no standard design drawings, no other factory can be directly to the bags produced. If customers demand manufacturer according to picture production, so all the details of the bags will have images, so that manufacturers can according to the detail of the corresponding proofing, sample to the customer after confirm. No corresponding detail, if the customer is a picture about it, can only let the factory according to the initial impression combined with past experience to proofing, pull out before they can know what is the effect, if not satisfied, can also let factory modify. 2, to map custom price to know ahead of time to figure custom since there is no physical sample, factory according to the pictures or drawings, quotation is valued, with the real price of goods may exist a certain differences, and want to know the accurate price, proofing is the fastest, so, if to figure custom bags, the price will get ready for this on the one hand, lest there not over budget. 3, to map custom time to grasp the good custom bags are all have certain production cycle, the more the number, the longer the production cycle, the customer to figure custom bags, attention should be paid to the assurance of the goods time, to figure the early custom details with factory discussion time is longer, so the time may have to want to some more, therefore, custom bags, will be aware of the time, in order to avoid the goods time delay. To figure custom bags, please look for the Jin Jieqiang manufacturers, professional is the result of concentration, in the past 15 years we will only do bags custom, in addition to having perfect independent research and development system, has established professional production quality control system, the bags products OEM, ODM customization and business group has achieved the trust of many customers and support, is a reliable bags custom manufacturers.
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