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The summer travel season travel bags you need

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-06
In July, a lot of places across the country have already started coming summer vacation, which means the summer tourism market will begin to heat up, and the hot tourism market will directly lead to the development of market of travel bags, go out to play after all, is the indispensable equipment of luggage travel bags. So, summer travel season, you have a travel plan, travel bags to book? If not, take a look at Jin Jieqiang manufacturer to recommend what style of travel bags. 1, colorful candy color leisure backpack go out play hot summer sun is easy to let people get bored, and colorful candy color leisure backpack can give sorching summer adds a relaxed, the colour collocation of the make up bag is pure and fresh and natural, more suitable for play a photo. In addition, the backpack and lighter yet & other; Generous & throughout; , light and material selection, handbags with lighter, large size of the space design, a make up bag of can fix all travel items, make your travel more convenient. 2, 20-inch candy color PC rolling suitcase this candy color 20-inch PC pull rod box, the classic candy stitching color design, colour and lustre is beautiful beautiful, stylish and lively. Using pure PC material, durable, have significant waterproof effect; With silica gel self-return arm in arm, is not easy to damage, travel easily to carry on the road, more the TSA lock set international customs, reduce time pass inspection, prevent damage of devanning lock broken body, scattered luggage. Hang out if choose by plane, such as size and weight of the luggage bags are has a regulation, if more than the provisions of the airlines will be more trouble baggage formalities, and as long as this pull rod box pack luggage weight not overweight, can directly take plane, is very convenient. 3, super light outdoor leisure backpack hang out if involves basic outdoor activities, carry the backpack will be biased towards the professional outdoor backpack, in this way can used in outdoor environment when more convenient. This leisure backpack with jacquard nylon as main ingredient, light resistant and waterproof, large capacity partition design, large capacity at the same time also let the goods in good order, the whole version design sports leisure, light does not lose vitality to the person, at ease, comfortable travel, more appropriate some basic type of outdoor activities, if it is a professional outdoor activities, be about to choose other more professional outdoor backpack. Above is Jin Jieqiang introduced about summer travel bags, if you want more personal exclusive travel bags, might as well to find Jin Jieqiang exclusive custom, Jin Jieqiang into in 2004, is a set design, development and production and processing as one of the bags customized services, professional tailor travel bags for various groups, and provide a number of its choice travel bags customized programs, is your best partner of suitcases and bags.
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