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The stand or fall of backpack LOGO how to judge

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-30
LOGO on the backpack is the backpack in the custom is very key to a point, because the LOGO is the representative of the enterprise. And the design of the LOGO sign, nature is not only to highlight the corporate image, but also to reveal enterprise strength, therefore, enterprise LOGO design is very important. The stand or fall of custom backpack, backpack LOGO how to judge? Let's listen to Jin Jieqiang small make up is how to say it. 1, judging from the appearance design make up bag LOGO design must be beautiful, and backpack LOGO identification should be clear, can let a person see it clear. 2, judging from the LOGO making craft knapsack LOGO craft a mimeograph, embroidery, screen printing, etc. The effect of different process, the present also is not the same. The more good LOGO sign, the more expensive, the effect is more better. 3, judging from the LOGO on the choice of material generally make LOGO LOGO made of plastic and hardware accessories, although the making craft of hardware LOGO relative plastic price is more expensive, but the metal LOGO is more bright and beautiful. Judging from the design, technology and material choice knapsack LOGO is good or bad, and enterprises to select custom backpack, its LOGO LOGO can indirectly reflect the strength of the enterprise and the image of the enterprise, so choose a good backpack production manufacturer is very important. And Jin Jieqiang focus on bags custom more than ten years, is a trustworthy make up bag making factory!
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