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The recovery remains tangyuan return incidents handbags customization

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-22
Nanjing a dumpling shops, this two days, the entire network is boom, not because of its taste delicious, cheap and fine reputation, but because the old sweet dumpling shop, customer leftover tangyuan recycling will be the second sale, caused concern for a lot of netizens, the radiation of the problem, not just the tangyuan recovery, a more direct radiation problem is honesty. As a business of eating tangyuan shop, the good faith is particularly valuable, let alone a decades running up to the old, if there is problem, the good faith only for an instant, the collapse don't penny wise and pound foolish, should put the good faith for 'golden signboard'. The rice dumpling shop for credit loss the reputation, now a lot of people know this store tangyuan has a problem, you said there will be someone to eat dumplings? And custom manufacturer as a bag, more should be alert to, by the good faith for the business philosophy, in the process of producing custom bag, can't cut corners, and the customer's permission, steal material, shoddy, what it's like signing a contract with the customer, it should be what appearance, this is the bottom line, can't touch. Handbags custom is as a traditional industry, the competition is relatively large, the starting point of each manufacturer, are consistent, which is able to make more money, take youdao, but can't use informal way to mislead customers, such as false advertising and exaggerate their, what is the use is far lower than the market price, through the price to attract customer, actually using inferior material, shoddy, to confuse consumers, so it is lose honesty, actually will eventually lost the customer. Now is the age of the Internet, information transmission quickly, the good faith reputation needs such as the needle soil accumulating, and loss of the good faith as the simili, integrity can immediately make you evaporated. Custom we are bag manufacturer, we take the good faith for the business philosophy, has been operating for eight years, now also do export quality, we always don't forget to beginner's mind, is to build a transfer everyone recognized brand.
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