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The paper bags for daily use

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-21
Many times, bags become dirty, discoloration, or worn away, and not due to use of time is too long, may be just we didn't pay attention in the use process and cause, therefore, to extend the lifespan of the bag, especially some precious bags, at ordinary times must pay attention, when using the following, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer and everybody together to get to know to know it. 1, if the hand easy to sweat, it is better to use arm bag or shoulder bag, and less with the hand make up bag, otherwise the sweat stains easily in the luggage handle. 2, store sharp items in the bag, must be fully packaged put the sharp items. While those with cut, broken bags of goods had better not put in baby bags. Don't hard plug or put overweight goods, or you will make the bags deformation or damage. 3, when switch box lock parts, don't with foreign body in lock, that this might damage the bag of hardware. 4, do not paste labels or adhesive tape on the bag, so it is easy to cause peeling skin when tear off. 5, as far as possible when using handbags package for handbag frequent friction to avoid denim fabric clothes, because it is easy to occur the phenomenon of dyeing. 6, rain and snow, try to avoid using fur, USES, such as suede leather bags, because once the area with water will be hard to do, and leather will harden. 7, direct light and heat for a long time, can make the bags decoloring, discoloration, and deformation. Should avoid contact bags with sunlight, heating for a long time. The above is about & other; Bags for daily use notice & throughout; Introduced, everyone got it, if still have what not understand, can at any time to consult.
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