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The paper bag buckles and characteristics

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-20
Knapsack with buckle is an integral part of the production process, but a lot of people don't know to backpack buckle, today, Jin Jieqiang compiled to everyone about backpack buckle with the related knowledge, understand understand together. Button backpack with generally divided into plug ( Also known as the side button) , day clasp, buckle, hook, rope buckle, there are some special purpose, and introduce the characteristic of these fasteners, use intensity.   1, insert button & ensp;   Buckle with the choice of material for POM (commonly Polyoxymethylene, commonly known as 'just) Button, PP with NY, inserted by the male and female, with ribbon fixed at one end, on the other side can be through the ribbon adjustment, according to the different needs and select the length of the ribbon, commonly used in the shoulder, waist, fixed. For more effective play to the role of the insert button, the production company is also in constant change, at the same time of reducing weight, guarantee the intensity of the same, such as v - Type button. There are such as three direction buckle, i. e. , & other; Y” Ring, often used in baby stroller, taxi seat belts and other security products. 2, day & ensp;     Its material generally for POM, PP, NY, in general, days clasp used in the backpack straps, shoulder belt make up bag, used to adjust the length of ribbon, in order to prevent slippery, many days buckle in the middle of the bar have stripe design, also have placed two bar next to expand their own logo, mostly similar in shape. 3, ladder buckle & ensp;     Its material for PP, POM, NY, commonly the role of the ladder buckle is contraction ribbon, general use, at the end of the straps adjust the close degree of backpack. Ladder buckle on modelling and function design, classic, duraflex duckbill ladder clasp is immortal. 4, rope buckle rope buckle material for PP, NY, POM commonly. Use of the elasticity of the spring coil, dislocation stuck the rope, rope mouth optional diameter size, single and double hole, and the application of OO rope, nylon rope, elastic rope. And we can design according to the requirements of LOGO, the design of rope buckle has big different from before, a wide range of metal materials. 5, hook, hook, material generally come from PP, NY, POM. The side of the hook, generally used in single shoulder make up bag, side connects the d ring, on the other side of the ribbon connection. Now has joined many alloying elements, let the hook, the strength of the larger.
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