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The new tide male travel wallet, let you showed the man van

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-04
The tailor makes the man, not the same as garment accessories is tie-in, can foil is not the same as his, also popular on the network such a words: three points on appearance, seven minutes to dress up. For women, are often need to dress up, man, is no exception, also want to be a fashion man, show yourself man van. What kind of men is more man van? Describe women generally with beautiful, gentle, cute, cute, such as partial soft word, while men are different, need to show masculinity, men's unique beauty, generally described the man will use sunshine, handsome, handsome, has the man taste some of the words to describe, and today, small make up not to talk about the collocation of clothing on, and to tell you deserve to act the role of the collocation, such as travel, selected for travel, good wet goods let you can significantly improve the man van. Whether the youth campus, or sweat sports arena, love sports men will always attract the attention of everyone, let a person threw envious, and can be used to foil men fan accessories actually few, outdoor sports travel wallet just can fill the gap, let you showed unique man van. Pockets, arguably has a long history, in 1991, archaeologists have discovered living in BC 5000 years of otzi the iceman, his body had to carry a purse. Containing scraper, such as flint and mushroom stem belongings. This is probably the earliest prototype. Now a lot of kinds of wallet evolution, more complete functional aspects, sometimes can be either when the purse, can also touch on bag, bag, one content is multi-purpose. Why would say pockets could tide out man van? Men go out don't like women, can take back a cosmetic bag, but also need to carry some commonly used items, such as purse, cell phone, keys, etc. , and the use of pockets, can liberate man's hands, don't have to go out in the hand has been holding, and choose a suitable travel wallet, tied to the waist or used as inclined shoulder bag, free hands at the same time, more can show the charm of the men. General system at the waist, can very good foil man figure scale, more can reveal man's unique charm, the general fitness of men, love purse is always attached to the waist, also is the perfect line, can foil a body and choose inclined shoulder bag, or as a package to use, can make men more the norm, vulgar chest back, sunshine boy and warm heart.
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