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The new custom wholesale handbags are generally go to

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-09-04
Have a golden September, in September for bags clothes, also is in the new season, at this time of the year, many bags or clothes also will launch new products, meet the needs of people this season, so the merchants or electric business platform for vendors, the new wholesale handbags are generally where to go to the custom? Run bags wholesale, must know, China is famous for the three bags of wholesale market, located in guangzhou, yiwu, field, these three areas can be accounted for the proportion of domestic bags wholesale market is very high, can say the price here, also determines the trend of the domestic market price bags, then come here to wholesale custom new bag? The three places, also can saying is the characteristic here, has formed a industrial chain, but these three places are slightly different, leading high-end brand in guangzhou, there are some high copy bags; Field, relatively speaking, some partial low, product quality can't keep up with guangzhou, but it can conform to the mass market; And zhejiang yiwu, known as the 'small commodities oceans, shoppers paradise' reputation, is that many scattered small bags main leather is also more, still have very big market in the field of leather bags. In several places, wholesale handbags or can be, but custom bags, or new wholesale handbags, could be far worse, this factory is the advantage of a few places, product variety, style of most products is you steal from me, or I copied you, serious lack of innovation, under the accelerated development of the Internet, the industry pattern also gradually will be forgotten by the customer, now customers like the pursuit of innovation, more like tide, only seize these demand, can be customized production transfer customer favorite bags. Foshan Jin Jieqiang brand art fine, is a source of bag manufacturers, products are original design, copyright has its own design, web site can see products, are all from the arts fine designers design, product appearance fashion, not only is a large practical value. Choose custom wholesale, the new bag to foshan looking for art fine, is a good choice for you.
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