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The meeting package to customize how clever 'advertising'

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-01
Avoid meeting package custom don't open a topic, that is based on custom meeting package, how clever the meeting information & other related activities; Advertising & throughout; Play out? This is a custom party is very concerned about one of the problems. Today, Jin Jieqiang will introduce you to the meeting package custom play & other; Advertising & throughout; The main types, learn together! Want to through the meeting package will advertising information publicity, the most direct way is to print the relevant information on the package, to see the information on the make up bag can see bag, bag use, is what advertisement, promotion effect. And print the information on the meeting package, common ways mainly have the following kinds: 1, screen printing is silk screen printing screen printing process, is to mark through the private network printing ink on paper or other material. Printing a lot of advantages, silk screen printing equipment is simple, convenient operation, easy printing, plate making and low cost, the printing effect is good, in the custom of meeting package, a lot of customers to choose the way to screen printing. Silk-screen printing information in the package will be particularly evident, obvious advertising information, advertising effect is better, therefore, the technology is also favored by custom. Below is Jin Jieqiang for chongqing rural commercial bank custom laptop briefcase, the briefcase front logo is made of process of laser chase after is the screen printing process. 2, laser chase craft basic principle of a laser target is, by a laser generator to generate the high-energy laser beam in a row, after focusing the laser effect Yu Chengyin material, the surface material moment fused, gasification, even through control the path of laser in material surface, forming a need by tags. A laser target characteristics is contact processing, can be in any of the deformed surface engraving, artifacts will have internal stress, deformation and is suitable for metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, leather and other materials. Laser marking is low in cost, fast speed, the effect is very good also, therefore, the technology applied to package custom printed LOGO at the meeting is very broad, general five gold LOGO on the most common is to use the laser engraving. 3, hot stamping is also called the embossing, refers to the bag on the surface of iron foil coloring materials such as text and pattern, or with hot stamping out all sorts of design or pattern, generally on the pu or PVC material, a colorless hot stamping, monochrome printing, hybrid hot stamping and set of iron, etc. Four chapters, glue, glue the use of plastic craft, drip into the liquid material in the mould, after a period of heating, baking, cooling, finally reverse mould made of plastic products. Is a common pattern, a blank, is more commonly sewing on the fabric. Sewn on the meeting package with plastic chapter, that is made of plastic seal technology. The meeting package customization, how clever & other; Advertising & throughout; Effect promotion of meeting is very important. An exclusive custom meeting package, not only convenient forum guests receive the meeting information to carry and print advertising information meeting package also have memorable, after the meeting can also have the effect of continuous publicity organized the conference and meeting spirit, you don't want to dismiss an exclusive custom purpose and significance of meeting package. Meeting package customization, please look for the Jin Jieqiang manufacturers, Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, specializing in the production of various types of meeting supplies handbag, backpack, laptop bag, travel bag, such as meeting gifts, all kinds of bags modelling is novel and unique, the depth of the customization, meet the demand of customers a variety of personalization!
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