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The material is the important indexes of the suitcase strong and durable

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-04
A strong and durable luggage for travelers how important, must have to travel a lot of people know, a good luggage can accompany users through wind and rain all the way, also can let users gain full journey scenery. To choose and buy to a strong and durable luggage, luggage material needs consumers consider indicators. Luggage from material performance is generally divided into rigid suitcases, cloth and leather suitcase, suitcase material are the important indexes of the suitcase durable 1, hard box main materials for ABS, PP, PC, aluminum and magnesium alloys, such as advantage is compressive strength, wear resistance, waterproof and easy to clean, defect is limited capacity, ductility. Suitable for short-distance travel business. 2, cloth box, main materials such as nylon, canvas and Oxford cloth, the advantage is light box, elegant style, the disadvantage is that rain effect is weak. Suitable for leisure travel. 3, luggage material mainly for leather, PU leather and so on, the advantage is showily, defect is damaged easily cut flowers, maintenance trouble, repair cost expensive. Suitable for high-end personage. Consumers prefer is hard cases on the market at present, with aluminium alloy, ABS, PC and among them the three kind of material is the most popular with consumers, the three kinds of material each have advantages and disadvantages, but are wear-resisting durable, all luggage when the choose and buy, can according to the characteristics of these three materials, choose their favorite. Travel bags custom are looking for? Recommend Jin Jieqiang manufacturers! Jin Jieqiang is one specialized is engaged in the design, production and sale of custom, all kinds of bags, backpack, travel make up bag, small make up bag of integrated production-oriented enterprises. Have professional design team play version, the entire operating enterprise customer order, we in line with & other; Take the customer as the center & throughout; Principle, with many travel agencies have established long-term relations of cooperation. Jin Jieqiang made in class as the main body, word of mouth is trustworthy!
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