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The importance of the luggage industry, the enterprise brand

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-03
The commercial era of the 21st century, is an era of the decisive at 1%. In today's increasingly competitive market economy, the social division of labor is more and more thin, that there is so many bags bags industry factory as well. manufacturer production companies, streamline, standardization, to initiate and specialization degree is higher and higher, between enterprises and enterprises in the aspects of strategy, products and services homogeneityphenomenon more and more serious. A detail can about enterprise's success or failure and the rise and fall, luggage industry is no exception. With the increasingly fierce competition and the advent of the era of knowledge economy, the handbag brand effect is more and more big, has become a case of enterprise survival and development must. Globalization era, want to rely on one hundred - year - old ancestral secret recipe management, doesn't work. Any new products listed, will be competitors imitate, copy, and even beyond. For to go on the luggage enterprises, facing is the age of product homogeneity. Bags enterprises only weapon, handbag brand, however, various bags enterprise brand shaping of all kinds of bags products mostly comes from details such as for service, culture research and promotion. A handbag brand is valuable, because it was agreed by consumers. And gain the endorsement contains the content of the core technology of the product and characteristics, manufacturer of cultural values and unique advantage of industry, innovation and excellent service system. The identity of biggest value lies in that the tension of the future of the brand, also is the brand in the future development potential. And well-known brand, can raise the sense of accomplishment and pride of employees and business partners, to get this kind of feeling, can help employees and business partners of the sense of belonging, it can enlarge the market share. The appearance of the products can be imitated, the core technology can be cracked, but competitors can't produce the same brand overnight. In today's material production surplus, the brand has undoubtedly become the prime symbol for the distinguish between similar products, become a choice symbol of people spending habits. In brand consumption today. Good brand, is trustworthy. At the same time also for the long-term development of enterprises laid a solid foundation. Jin Jieqiang was founded in 2004, in the customer, for the customer, take the customer as the center, Jin Jieqiang is committed to become a leading brand of domestic bags custom. We won the 2010 Hong Kong APOLLO international co. , LTD. , authorized the production and operation of Hong Kong famous brand bags APOLLO 'S DREAM ( The Apollo dream) In 2015, have become an international top sports car brand Aston Martin ( Aston & middot; Martin) The official brand authorization. Good brand trustworthy!
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