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The five kinds of customized bags commonly used materials

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-13
Bags handbags customization, choose different material production, the effect of the finished product will be different, so the before order bags, everybody wants to an understanding of the selected material, such ability according to their own needs to choose the right material. So, what customized handbags are common material? Art fine below small make up take you to understand: 1, nylon fabric, nylon is one of the world the first kind of synthetic fiber, nylon polyamide fiber ( Nylon) Another way, nylon has high mechanical strength, good toughness, fatigue resistance performance outstanding, high softening point, casual wear, etc, used for outdoor type bags products. 2 learn said polyester fiber polyester, polyester cloth, commonly known as 'polyester'. Is composed of organic dibasic acid and glycol polycondensation of polyester by the spinning of synthetic fiber, PET fiber, belonging to polymer compound, is currently the largest varieties of synthetic fiber. The biggest advantages of polyester fiber wrinkle resistance and conformal sex good, has the high strength and elastic resilience. Its fast and durable, anti-wrinkle wash and wear, not sticky hairs. 3, Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth is also called the Oxford spinning is a kind of functional diversity, a wide range of fabrics on the market basically has: set of lattice, full play, polyamide fiber, and other varieties. Oxford cloth with strong quality of a material is frivolous, perceptual, soft, water proofing property is good, good durability and other advantages. 4, dupont dupont paper not paper, but a kind of high density polyethylene material, is a combination of the material properties of paper, film and fabric, waterproof, breathable, qualitative light, durable, tear resistance, durability, high reflectivity, diffuse, uv resistance, texture and tactility is unique, environmental protection can be recycled, and most compatible with all kinds of printing technology and digital printing technology, suitable for a variety of processing technology. The dupont in foreign countries is now also used for bags, paper bag is approved. 5, PVC material, PVC material bags is also more common, more use in the summer, winter is weak, has no flammability, high strength, good resistance to climate change and the geometric stability, there is a defect is to note that not hardy and easy to be frozen stiff, good production technology, can avoid this problem very well. Bag material is actually have a lot of options are available, not only just more than five, if everybody for this aspect is not very understanding, can seek advice art fine small make up, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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