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The financial industry welfare gift bag purchase custom scheme is recommended

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-11
Due to the particularity of the industry, the financial industry is usually considered in society is a symbol of wealth and taste, so send out gifts never tacky. Financial sector a lot of customers are business people, business office, little not the existence of notebook computers, laptops and little not the existence of laptop bag. Financial industry gifts, if purchasing custom can realize this the custom laptop bag as gift to customers is very realistic, practical gifts tend to be more get the favour of mushroom. Jin Jieqiang would now like to give you recommend a few our laptop bag for bank customers customized business. 1, simple light business multilayer portable briefcase the briefcase for Jin Jieqiang for chongqing rural commercial bank research and development of new products design, USES the contracted business style design, appearance concise joker, feature-rich neri, bags there is main bag and front bag, laptop on both sides of the invisible bags, multi-layer space design, powerful functions, can be classified to receive files, mobile phone, wallet and other common items, provide more convenient to users, the main bag is equipped with shockproof PE cotton, if placed a laptop or other valuable electronic products, in one word, can have very good shock protection, the bag bag body parts adopt advanced chrome plated metal, more high quality. Such contracted joker practical portable briefcase, used as a gift of bank is very good. 2, APOLLO 'S DREAM 2019 new dazzle colour fashion leisure backpack the leisure backpack for Jin Jieqiang new backpack products in 2019, at the end of 2019, China merchants bank in xian xianyang branch custom welfare gifts when they took a fancy to the backpack, and selected the backpack as welfare gifts for customers and employees. The backpack with nylon composite material as the main ingredient, feel soft, recreational style design, concise and easy appearance and joker. Package front bearing picture & other; China merchants bank xianyang branch & throughout; Words logo, China merchants bank mascot & other; Small recruit meow & throughout; And some related design, life scenes of interesting lovely deep meaning, bag body as a whole in red give priority to tone, not only conforms to the year-end festive holiday atmosphere, mascot design also signifies a thriving business, such as China merchants bank, serving the customers business philosophy of life, the whole moral bang-bang dalai. Cartoon of fun, fashionable joker also has certain advertising effect of backpack, distinctions as a gift, is a very good choice. 3, the everbright bank custom business casual backpack backpack for Jin Jieqiang for everbright bank haikou branch exclusive custom, this backpack USES the grey black color design, inclined zipper qiao seconds ornament, concise and easy appearance, internal space size is appropriate, properly placed. Farewell single tones, to bump color eyes, bump color stitching more give prize, is can't miss the creative gift backpack. Gift choice, the financial industry should not only consider their own image, but also consider the needs of customers, based on customer demand gifts, send to the customer, the customer will think the gift is what I need, the giver of goodwill to further improve, so as to achieve the aim of giving party gifts. Financial sector purchasing custom gift bag, welcome everyone to come to Jin Jieqiang for more details. Jin Jieqiang professional custom all kinds of gift bags, with 16 years in personalized gift bags custom experience, have their own design houses, leather processing plants, make up bag production line, self-checking and e-commerce platform, QC inspection department successively service live thousands of famous enterprises, such as huawei, baidu, huayi, HOME LINK, China's ping an, byd, etc. , products are widely used in various fields, see the strengths, worthy of choice, trustworthy!
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