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The computer briefcase customized common problem analysis

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-01-25
Computer briefcase for professionals, use frequency is very high, some enterprises in order to facilitate staff away on business, will be unified custom some computer briefcase to employees, when it comes to custom computer briefcase, Jin Jieqiang small make up today will give us the computer briefcase made common problem analysis, understand to understand together. 1, choose the computer briefcase custom computer briefcase style, the choice of style, can choose factory existing style or your own design style, it is worth noting that to choose their own style cost is lower than custom party of their own design style, as a result, a new style at the time of production, factory need to check the material, workmanship, etc. , this a series of process, the cost will increase, so the custom price is a little higher. 2, computer briefcase material choose custom document can choose material has a lot of enterprise custom computer briefcase, the material of choice to have qualitative feeling, after all, the staff computer briefcase when out of office is to directly face the customer, if the computer briefcase materials as well as the quality is bad, will directly affect the customer's impression of the enterprise, therefore, at the time of custom briefcase, must pay attention to choose better material. 3 dimensions should be given priority to with portable briefcase, briefcase, not too much, otherwise would match very uncoordinated, generally briefcase as long as you can easily put down not fold A4 paper documents for the appropriate size. So, in the custom briefcase to remember the size to choose, don't pursue too much capacity and choose bigger briefcase, lest daily collocation. If you want to customize a briefcase, please look for the Jin Jieqiang! Jin Jieqiang is a mainly engaged in professional design, production, custom all kinds of bags, leather goods, product sales of integrated production-oriented enterprises. From planning, design, proofing, material, production, processing, distribution and after-sale, link in the whole process of make out an invoice for customer service, with real price, excellent quality, good reputation to win the high praise, is a reliable bags manufacturers!
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